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Aashirwad is centrally located in a quiet, claim, pollution free peaceful, environment, just 40 minutes from their India Gandhi International Airport. The railway computerized office and general post office are located just few meters away. Other Facilities such as banks, markets, and transportation services are also nearby. A number of well equipped nursing homes are nearby to respond in case of an emergency. Special attention is paid to create such an atmosphere where in the Senior Citizens from different strata of the Society feel ‘at home’ away from Home. All efforts are being made to ensure that the residents live together as one single-family unit and endeavor to create and maintain utmost cordial atmosphere at the “HOME”. The aim is to allow residents to live a very relaxed yet disciplined and regulated life. The Residents, however, shall be at liberty to follow their own routines and carry on with their private social obligation. All the same, they become the direct responsibility of the “HOME” Management once they start living here and they are expected to keep the Management informed of their movement and where about at all times.

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