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Guided by a desire to create a home away from home, Aashirwad is designed to provide residents with a relaxing yet structured life.
All efforts are made to insure that the residents live together as a single family unit by maintaining a cordial atmosphere. Aashirwad, residents are under the direct care of the home management and are asked management of their whereabouts.


"AASHIRWAD' has been constructed on a plot measuring 425 sq yards...


"AASHIRWAD" is also concerned about the plight of older persons...


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The home presently has 16 rooms furnished with beds

Our Concept

Longevity is a boon of the present century but it brings with it mixed reactions. Political, Social, Economic and Technologies changes have brought about new situations which need innovative solution. Many older persons have become uncomfortable in their existing environs and seek a change. There are many who find it difficult to take care of themselves due to various reasons of personal nature.

It has been observed by this Council through interaction with the Senior Citizens belonging to different economic classes that many feel very insecure, ignored and un cared for some older persons, like those who have lost partners or are issue less couples or those parents whose children are settled away or those considered misfit in the present joint family system are required to be provided a sense of security, care, affection and medical attention and other day to day's requirements.
There was a long felt need for creating a Home for the Senior Citizens from the different strata of the society